First Vehicle Specific DVRs?

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GCH Automotive is perhaps the first supplier to offer vehicle specific DVRs that match the aesthetics of the car and also integrate into the car radio.

It’s new WiFi DVRs for the car will be on display at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas next week.

The first of the new DVRs will be available for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Toyota and Honda vehicles.

They will include composite video outputs so they can act as front cameras and connect to a factory radio screen, which then becomes your viewing screen.

With WiFi, they can pair with your phone to allow viewing of DVR video on your smartphone,

The system fits around the base of the rear view mirror with a feed cable to the headliner for hiding wires.

“The DVR hasn’t made a full penetration into the US car market, where internationally its required by law in many countries,” said GCH’s Greg Delgado. “The only available DVRs are dash mounted.  We want them to be more aesthetically pleasing, so we’ve designed them with factory fitted plastic to look like they are part of the vehicle.”

The car-specific DVRs have G shock and motion sensors and a parking lot mode that permits DVR monitoring even after you’ve left the car.

The DVRs as well as other products including new navigation interfaces for the 2016-17 Honda Pilot and Ridgeline and 2017 Honda Civic will be on view at the GCH booth 12065 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, November 1-4.

For more info contact Greg Delgado at [email protected]



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  1. Thank you very much for the positive feedback. It has always been my pleasure to work in the 12 volt industry and do my part in contributing to our future success and established mark. To answer the previous question, we do offer it for older vehicles pre-2010 as well as a universal application that can of course span as far back as you would like. The universal version does have all of the same features as the vehicle specific models. I could not agree more relative to the, “missing the opportunities on older vehicles” comment. Although the market for new car outfitting is very heavily focused on current release models, we do our best to allow for retrofitting. We recently released a new technology blind spot detector system that is microwave based vs the older radar based with AUTO SPEED ADJUST (for newer and older vehicles) built in since road mapping older cars for data interfacing would be a very arduous task and potentially limit its usability. If you have any further questions or comments you can reach us anytime at [email protected] Thank you again for the feedback.

  2. Coincidentally GCH just called me yesterday and sent me some basic info about product offerings. My immediate concern is vehicle coverage. I get that this is a new product and there are not a lot of offerings yet, but will they go back to vehicles older than say 2010? It’s great that all these companies keep coming out with these products but in our area, and I’m guessing in others as well, most of the vehicles we work on are older than 2010 and we are constantly trying to retro fit current technology into these vehicles which often means custom labor and higher pricing. Seems to me that these vehicles are missed opportunities and not being able to fit these kind of offerings into them is just sending those customers to the dealership for new vehicles.

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