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Hybrid Audio and Audiotec Fischer Take 60 Championship Awards


Hybrid Audio Technologies  and Audiotec Fischer took over 60 awards in IASCA and MECA car audio competitions at the Car Audio Championship in Louisville, KY on October 15-16, 2016, said Hybrid Audio.

Among the titles were championships in IASCA’s Expert division (John Marsh and Larry Woolacott), Pro Custom (Anthony Davis), a Pro/Am division Top-Three Sweep (Larry Ng, David Traw, and Matthew Karlovic), and an Amateur division Top-Four Sweep (Marc Baes, Michael Young, Ben Zimmerman, and Steve Weigner).

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IASCA Championships Draw Close to 300 Competitors


The IASCA North American Championships, known as INAC, held at the Kentucky Expo Center in Louisville,  brought in close to 70 SQ competitors and more than 100 IASCA SPL competitors from across the continent.

In all, the event drew close to 300 registrations in IASCA Sound Quality, Installation Quality, IdBL and the Bass Boxing competition, said IASCA.

“This was our fifth year being part of the Unified Finals Championship,” said IASCA’s Moe Sabourin.  “Working with great people like Wayne and Celise Harris from dB Drag Racing and Steve Stern from MECA, along with their judging teams, has proven to the industry that our collective goal is the betterment of our industry; we’re proud to be part of the event…”

IASCA  thanked its judges for the event, which included Travis Chin (WA), Keith Turner (VA), Tim Goudy (AR), John Sketoe (AR), Jeff Smith (GA) and Christerfer Pate (TX) as well as Aaron Dunkle (FL), Tony Economou (FL), Scott Sinde (IL) and Brandon Rosser (MI).

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DD Audio Takes Awards at USACi Finals


DD Audio won several titles at the recent USACi finals event held in Wichita Falls, TX.  Sixteen new world records were set at the event and seven of those vehicles competed with DD Audio products.

DD Audio said its products were used by almost half of all the first place SPL winners at the event.


Modified Unlimited

Andrew & Priscella McCain



Stock Unlimited

Michael Hughes



Modified 7001-14000

Jamie Robey



No wall 0-3500

Landon O’Pry





Modified Unlimited

Andrew & Priscella McCain



Stock 2K Clamped

Beer Bass Mafia

154.6 (1715 watts)


Modified Xtreme

Robert Huth




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