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We’re the blog that scours the car audio/video/navigation industry for news each day. Our aim is to help car stereo & electronics industry members stay up-to-date on the news relevant to their ever changing business.


Editor  Amy Gilroy

CEoutlook was founded in mid-2010 by veteran electronics reporter Amy Gilroy, and now reaches over 6,000 industry members through a daily eNewsletter.  The web site receives over 50,000 hits per month.

Amy has covered the car electronics industry for about 25 years. She has also tracked other consumer electronics products including computers, cellphones, home theater and office equipment for publications including This Week in Consumer Electronics. Contact [email protected].


Contributing Editors:

Mark Miller

(Mr Retail)

Mark Miller Westminster Speed & Sound, Mr Retail

Mark  is the CEO of Westminster Speed & Sound, an award-winning retailer in Westminster, Maryland. The company was founded in 1969, and Mark took it over in 1990 at the age of 23. He first started in the industry in 1986, so he has been at it for a while. He has served on the board of MERA, taught seminars in over a dozen different cities, and served on the SEMA New Product Awards judging team. He has been married to his wife Dawn for 33 years now and has four grown children and four grandchildren. His hobbies include being a sound engineer, doing life coaching, and being active in the local and national Porsche community.


Rich Truesdell

Rich Truesdell

Rich is an industry veteran and longtime automotive photojournalist Richard Truesdell.  He has served as an installer, a 12 volt retail store owner, and a car audio and automotive journalist.

Truesdell founded Kartunes Mobile Electronics in New Jersey in 1976 with a retail storefront from 1980 to 1992. He’s contributed to publications including Motor Trend and has been a full-time automotive journalist since 2000 to more than 30 magazines around the world.  He is also the co-author of three books with collaborator Mark Fletcher; Hurst Equipped (2012), 1970 Maximum Muscle (2021), and Hemi Under Glass (2021). Truesdell even appeared on Jay Leno’s Garage!

Truesdell welcomes questions from readers and he hopes to connect with colleagues from his many years in the car audio industry at [email protected]

James Chevrette


James Chevrette

James Chevrette has been a territory manager for over 8 years with Trends Electronics, Canada’s largest Electronics Distributor, but he never forgets his roots.  He has worked in an installation bay, in R&D in manufacturing, and personally trained thousands of people across Canada. Through his dealing with National accounts, regional chain stores, and relationships with brick and mortar independent retailers, he offers a unique perspective about business growth opportunities. He started a non-profit blog in 2015 to educate people within and outside his industry. It has since reached across North America and into Europe with over a million posts read.


Please contact Bill Damsky at [email protected] or (203) 980-9623.


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    we are factory from Shenzhen China which produce vehicle tablet, our software and hardware team can offer the best support.

  2. Where can I buy the AIS USB CD Player? I bought a new Honda CRV that does not come with a CD player. Looks like this device will work but, for the life of me, I can’t find anyone near me (Tolland CT) that sells this product and it doesn’t look like you can buy it through the internet. So if you make a great product why is so difficult to buy it!

  3. I just visited your site Amy for the first time in a long time. The development of the site and its acceptance by the industry is wonderful, based on your usual great news reporting and hard work. I hope to see you once again – Vegas in early January at CES!

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
    Steve Smith
    Editor At Large, TWICE

  4. I’m looking forward to following the development of CEOutlook.com and am sure it will become a great source for news and insights regarding mobile electronics.

    Ross Rubin
    Executive Director of Industry Analysis, Consumer Technology
    The NPD Group

  5. Congrats on the launch of ceoutlook.com. Amy, your new Blog is very nice and perfect match for your experiences. Best of luck. And we look foreward to supporting you.

    Phil Magney, VP.
    iSuppli, Automotive Practice

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