Here’s Clarion’s Hi-Res Car Audio Deck

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Clarion NX706

Clarion Corporation announced a new navigation deck that supports Hi-Res Audio FLAC files and that works with the industry’s first all digital car audio system.

The new in-dash double DIN NX706 is compatible with Clarion’s new Full Digital Sound Components system that keeps the signal digital through to the speakers without the need for an amplifier or digital-to-audio converters.

“With the growing trend toward high-resolution lossless audio, we designed the NX706 for customers who want the absolute best possible sound quality from their car audio system,” said Clarion VP Marketing and Product Planning Allen Gharapetian.

It supports 96kHz audio and uses TOSLINK (a standard digital optical connection) output to connect to other components. It also has a 7-inch WVGA touch screen, HDMI, two USB inputs and a 15-band parametric eq with low pass and high pass filters.

Users also get Bluetooth, Pandora control and backup camera input with audio. The NX706 is also SiriusXM ready. Suggested retail price is $799.99.

Clarion’s Gharapetian said of Clarion’s FDS system, “This full digital signal capability from source to speaker is an industry first for aftermarket car audio systems and the sound quality provided by it is breathtaking. To push the envelope further, we implemented an audiophile quality 15-band parametric EQ for our customers to achieve that ‘perfect’ sound.”

Under the FDS system the digital signal is divided into 6 digital signals that are sent to a digital processor and transferred to a 6 layer voice coil that directly drives the speakers. It incorporates the drive circuit into the speakers so there’s no need for an amplifier.

The audio signal for each channel in the system remains digital all the way to the voice coil, ensuring that high-resolution digital audio is maintained without loss or added noise and artifacts from analog connections, said Clarion.

The NX706 and FDS system will be on display at CES January 6-9 at the Westgate Lobby adjacent to the Las Vegas Convention Center. More details on how the FDS system works is expected to be revealed at that time.



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    1. Because it’s designed for external digital signal processing.. It sends straight digital output to Clarion’s new DSP for their Fully Digital Sound products. The benefit of that though for other car audio folks is that optical signal will feed any of the many available outboard DSP’s, such as Helix, etc., with an optical input. It’s the only head unit among newly introduced products that will do this other than the ultra-high-end Sony 1-din.. Which is very unfortunate. Getting digital from source device to DSP without analog is THE biggest gap in head unit tech. I think maybe one top-end Alpine currently available, along with the Sony and now this Clarion might also have toslink output and that’s it.. Which is tragic IMHO. But to best answer your question.. No processing internally is required by a head unit when expected to run an outboard DSP, save volume control, which this unit will do, either fixed or variable in the toslink signal.

  1. Bout time aomeone with a brand name realeaed one as they uave been availavle before this juay not thru a big brand label its a little differbt in the way it includes the vc in the signal but that is also preauming the apeakers used are up to snuff i look forward to see whats coming but i still think that there is a systembthat will still drop it dead to true audiophiles and its been around for a while and involves anos and speakers and a guy who flys out to tune it to your vehicle but with this now i suppose its kinda made it idiot proof for SQ and somewhat more affordable then the system im talking about which ia the Bewithe system ill reserve the rest of judgement till i hear it and see and hear the speakers and gow easy setup is as i still belive there is no substitute for true quality and i cant judge till i see and use it time will tell

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