Harman to Put Microsoft Office in Cars

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Microsoft Office for the car

Harman is announceing a partnership with Microsoft during CES 2016 this week that will allow it to integrate Microsoft Office 365 into the car.

Users will be able to call upon (by voice) a virtual assistant who will help the driver conduct skype calls, access calendar information, schedule meetings and more, with minimal distraction, said Harman.

Information will be served from Bing and other Microsoft cloud services. And drivers may link to these services either through their smartphones or through an embedded system in the car.

The system will also be able to learn the driver’s individual habits and behaviors to create customized solutions for the driver.

Harman said the collaboration with Microsoft “represents a new emphasis on productivity within the car.”

The system will be previewed by Harman during CES at The Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.

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