No Need For Amplifier in Clarion First-of-Kind System

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Clarion FDS

Clarion Corporation announced what it calls the first all-digital car audio system, which will be unveiled at CES next month, including special digital speakers.

The system functions entirely on a digital audio signal that is transferred to a multi-layer voice coil that directly drivers the speakers.

Called Full Digital Sound (FDS), it works like this: the digital signal coming in from a hi-resolution source that can include a smartphone or tablet, is divided into 6 digital signals that are transferred to a 6 layer voice coil that directly drives the speakers. It incorporates the drive circuit into the speakers so there’s no need for an amplifier.

The system uses what Clarion calls the first LSI chip for a digital in car system and creates what Clarion calls “the ultimate in music playback,” with high output, “crystal clear playback,” and low power consumption.

You can also tune the system from a tablet.

A new source unit, model NX706, will be part of the FDS system.

Here is a video explaining the technology

It will be on display at the Westgate Lobby adjacent to the Las Vegas Convention Center at CES January 6-9.

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  1. It is impossible to be 100% digital. The signal going to the voice coils has to be AC voltage, which is analog.

  2. You have a box that gets mounted in the car. It wires to the speakers. And has a master controller that u can mount upfront to control volume ect. Now this box hooks up with any digital source unit. I. Cell phone, ipod ect. Now this box encodes the info and broadcasts it to the speakers and voila almost perfect fidelity. Unfortunately the system is propriety and you have to use there horible sounding speakers but as the technology becomes wide spread we will get better companies making this same product but way better.

  3. Huh? My phone sends a signal directly to the speakers? Somehow I think it was written wrong, I bet the signal goes to the head unit, then to the speakers. Hmm I will check it out at ces

    1. Not all the details are known but there is a processor in the system, no DACs. More will be revealed at CES.

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