Walmart Picks Up New 12 Volt Product

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Audiovox Walmart

VOXX (Audiovox) said its Car Connection car tracker is now available at Walmart, which would mark the first time Walmart has carried a car tracker to our knowledge.

Combined with other retailers offering Car Connection,  including Sears and Pep Boys, the product is now available at over 20,000 outlets, considerable for a category that has struggled to gain mass market acceptance for a decade.

VOXX President and CEO Pat Lavelle said Friday on a call with analysts that the Car Connection is sold under the StraightTalk line, which is Walmart’s brand for wireless products.  You can see it on, where the product itself bears the Audiovox label.

The Car Connection also offers teen tracking, and lets you know why your engine light is on.  It can block incoming texts for a teen and alert you if he is speeding.  It also provides driver scoring and a few insurance companies are offering discounts to drivers who use the product.

Audiovox sells a PRO version of the Car Connection through car audio specialists.  This version can link to a remote starter and then be controlled by a smartphone.  So it may be sold by retailers as an add-on to a remote start sale. 

Source: CEoutlook


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  1. Always a bright and cherry comment from Gary.

    I suppose “installation” is a technically correct term to use regarding the Straight Talk tracker…

    BUT it plugs directly to the car’s OBD II port. Its installation could be about as complicated as the old fashioned way of installing the key into the ignition switch.

    I perceive that signing up for the $10 per month fee will be more challenging BUT will also be done in the parking lot from the smart phone.

    Ray Windsor
    Leadership Systems

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