VOXX (Audiovox) Announces Insurance Discounts for Its Car Connection

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Car Connection Pro

VOXX Electronics  announced that that buyers of its Car Connection car tracking device can receive insurance discounts from three insurance companies.

These discounts may offset the cost of the car tracker.

Insurance companies that are offering discounts for the Car Connection are listed here as Liberty Mutual, American Family Insurance and The General Insurance.

Car Connection subscribers can join the Insurance Discount Program and choose to have their driving data reviewed by one of the above insurers.  They would then receive a quote by email before joining or switching to that insurance carrier.

“It was always our intention to offer consumers an Insurance Discount Program when we entered the telematics market several years ago, as we believed that the insurance market offered great potential for growth.  Now, Car Connection drivers can realize insurance discounts if they allow their data to be reviewed by an insurance carrier,” said Tom Malone, President, VOXX Electronics.

The Car Connection can track your car and provide teen tracking and services.  It alert parents that their teen on the phone while driving or if he’s driving too fast. It can also tell you why your check engine light went on.  It also give yous driving scores that can be used for usage based insurance.

Consumers buy the device and plug it into the OBD 2 port of their car and then subscribe online for $10 per month.  The Car Connection itself costs $179.95 at various consumer electronics retailers.

The Car Connection Insurance Discount Program will be powered by Agnik Insurance Services for Connected Cars.

For more information about Car Connection please visit: www.audiovoxproducts.com.


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