CarPlay Shoots to the Top

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CarPlay Apple

ABI Research forecasts that over 24 million new cars will be fitted with CarPlay by 2019, as Apple’s new in-car smartphone system will overtake MirrorLink, even though the adoption of MirrorLink will still be strong.

There is one alternative scenario, says ABI.  Since Google’s newly announced Android Auto smartphone platform for the car will reach the market starting this year, and since it is an open source platform, it is possible “that the uptake of the Android Auto standard could be more aggressive that CarPlay,” said ABI analyst Filomena Berardi.

“…, love it or hate it, with Apple on the scene it certainly draws greater attention to in-car apps and now with the Android Auto standard on the scene both will certainly drive adoption of in-car apps,” she added.

The findings are part of ABI’s Automotive Infotainment Market Research.

Source: ABI Research

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