Rydeen Intros Streaming Mirror

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Rydeen streaming mirror

Rydeen Mobile announced a new streaming rear view replacement mirror with an ultra bright display.

The 8.2-inch mirror comes with a trunk mountable camera to display a video stream of the road behind the driver when the streaming feature is activated.  This can eliminate blind spots from rear seat passengers, cargo or headrests,

“The brightness on this mirror is comparable to OEM streaming mirrors.. We think there’s a great market for this for expediters on vehicles including the Chevy Blazer, Honda Civic, and Toyota RAV 4,” said Rydeen National Sales Manager Ruben Torres.  “The highest trim on the RAV4 has this type of mirror, but the lower trims do not.”

Rydeen streaming mirrors PV8A and PV8B
Rydeen PV8A and PV8B

The 2-channel mirror has a touch screen and adjustable parking lines. It comes in two styles, the PV8-A (traditional shape with slightly rounded edges) and PV8-B  (straight lines suitable for modern vehicles such as Teslas).

The PV8’s 1080P camera shows a 110 degree angle view.  The screen has a resolution of 1280 by 288.  The mirrors (that also serve as backup cameras) are expected to ship in May/June at an MSRP of $299 each.

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  1. Ship date is 2nd week of March. 🙂
    Note: Both mirrors will have our tradtional screw pattern to replace/swap mounts to fit any vehicle.

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