SounDigital Ships GAN Amplifier

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SounDigital to shop GaN car audio ampifier

SounDigital is shipping this month its recently announced GAN audiophile amplifier in a limited roll out to select dealers.

The amplifier uses GAN (Gallium Nitride) transistors instead of traditional MOSFETs. They offer faster digital to analog switching so that “a Class D amplifier sounds like a Class A or AB amplifier,” said a spokesman.

A 5-channel model rated at 1,500 watts at $1,499 minimum advertised price will be first to ship, followed by an 8-channel model at approximately $1,799 at the end of December.

The GAN technology allows for a better frequency response and less distortion, said Diogo Iannaccone.

Only 300 units of each model will be produced and they will be sold through an initial network of about 25 retailers (plus a few more, possibly).  Retailers must be recommended by their rep and show they offer high end product and installation and take a 1.5 hour course.

Iannaccone said of the company’s investment in high end audio, “I really think people love music and want to listen to details of that music so that it feels like the singer is right there in the car.”




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