New Firstech 4G Dashcam Connects to Aftermarket Security Systems

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Firstech 4G LTE Dashcam

Firstech, maker of Compustar and DroneMobile, introduced to its dealers a 4G dashcam that connects to Firstech and ADS remote start/security systems.

Once connected to a security system, the new dashcam will automatically activate when the alarm is triggered, start recording, and issue a notice to the user.

The dashcam, called the Drone XC-LTE, is expected to ship this winter.  It plugs directly into Firstech or ADS remote start security/systems and works with the DroneMobile app.

For full LTE functioning, users will buy a new option on the DroneMobile app for streaming at a monthly price to be announced.   Then they will be able to see live footage of the car from their phone.  If they do not opt for the 4G plan, they will see footage when they next go to their car and activate the dashcam.

Firstech’s announcement emailed to dealers called the Drone XC-LTE, “the industry’s first-to-market dash cam to integrate with aftermarket remote start and security.”

The Drone XC-LTE is a 2K dashcam that is expected to carry a retail price of $379.99. Users must order the basic $3.99 DroneMobile plan for basic service (with tracking and other features) or the upgrade 4G streaming plan.

Firstech is expected to provide more details in the near future.

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  1. It’s about time we got a soultion like this. Clients have been asking for this for years now, and I’m done with explaining the CSI effect to them.

    I hope they don’t limit Canada to not getting these like the X1R MAX.

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