Katzkin Leather Buys Roadwire

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Katzin buys Roadwire

Katzkin Leather has purchased the assets of Roadwire’s leather business effective Thursday, August 23.

The merger of the two automotive leather providers “will grow the organization to provide additional products, distribution and manufacturing capacity,” said Roadwire in a letter to its dealers.

Katzkin said it will now be the source for Roadwire Leather while supplies last.

Once the products are sold through, the Roadwire brand will be discontinued and Katzkin will manufacture using its own materials and to its own standards of OEM quality, Ron Leslie, Katzkin VP Sales told us.

Katzkin will benefit from the deal by expanding its manufacturing capability, its patent library and its distribution points, he said. This will help with Katzkin’s future initiatives.  He would not specify Katzkin’s future plans.

Katzkin will continue to service Roadwire customers, he said.

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  1. My Roadwire rep is gone and no one at Roadwire can give me a good answer on how they will warranty the products I have put in for the last three years. Anyone know??

  2. We are very excited to provide great product that exceeds OEM standards and a market opportunity that is fair and appropriate to everyone. Through this acquisition we can help ensure that the market opportunity for leather is profitable and the highest standards for safety are met to ensure the longevity of the business. Please feel free to reach out to me directly. I aim to provide the best product, service and support so that we can all succeed.

  3. What do you think? Absolutely they will have access to the Katzkin product, regardless if you have been a loyal supporter of Katzkin for years.

  4. So, we are Katzkin dealer and there is a Roadwire dealer down the road. Are they going to get a chance to become a Katzkin dealer now as well or how this going to play?

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