Metra Ships New Proscenium Brand

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Proscenium by Metra

Metra Electronics began shipping this week its new Proscenium brand of high end line output converters that were previewed at the SEMA show late last year.  The direct-to-dealer, brick-and-mortar line includes 8 LOCs and 3 load resistors.

This is the second dealer protected line launched by Metra this year.  Proscenium joins the Tsunami series of  audio connections, power, ground, and speaker wire, amp installation kits, battery terminals, distribution blocks, and fuse holders introduced in April under a Minimum Advertised Pricing  (MAP) policy.

Proscenium products are serialized and monitored for price protection. No online sales are permitted.

The products include high voltage active line output converters that allow installers to add aftermarket amplifiers to OEM radios. Features include high input power capabilities, a load selector, a clip indicator, enhanced output controls, and noise isolation countermeasures. Proscenium will also offer an add-on PR-RM-1, that plugs into the Pro Series and LD Series LOC products for an additional subwoofer level adjustment via an external bass knob.

Proscenium’s PR-BXLOC2 and PR-BXLOC2-PRO are active LOCs with bass restoration.  These are compact 2-channel LOCs that accept speaker-level signals of up to 400 watts per channel from factory-installed source units or amplifiers. They convert them to high-quality preamp signals that can then be directed to aftermarket amplifiers.

The PR-BXLOC2 prevents factory audio systems from regulating lower frequencies and reducing the output of bass frequencies as the volume increases. The Bass-X restoration circuit works while allowing use of the factory volume and steering wheel controls. T

he PR-BXLOC2-PRO adds a ground isolation switch, multiple turn on modes, and built-in load resistors for use with factory radios or amplifiers that mute the audio signal when factory speakers are disconnected.

Factory audio systems in modern vehicles are designed to mute the radio and/or amplifier output should a speaker fail or get disconnected. Proscenium load resistors prevent this so that installers can add aftermarket equipment.  The PR-LR product line will be available shortly in 20-ohm, 39-ohm, or 60-ohm options to fit vehicles including select late-model Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, RAM, and Fiat models.

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  1. Can they ever just create a new product, rather than copying someone else’s? Another copycat piece from Metra, how original 🙄.

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