Toyota Turns Remote Start into This

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Toyota Charges for Remote Start

Toyota is the latest automaker to attempt to turn a common option– remote start– into a subscription service with recurring fees.

This approach didn’t work out well for BMW, which tried to charge $80/year for CarPlay.  BMW ended up dropping the fee two years ago.

According to The Drive, Toyota is requiring owners of 2018 or later models to enroll in a subscription plan in order to use remote start from the factory key fob.  Depending on the model, some users get about three years free service, and then move to paid service of $8 a month or $80/year.
 The Drive wrote, “as far as we can tell, Toyota’s the first company to charge for full use of your physical key fob.”

Users who purchase a premium audio package get an extended trial of 10 years! Still, the takeaway is that carmakers are attempt to monetize popular features with recurring fees, something which may make the one-time charge of aftermarket remote start and other solutions more attractive.

You can see Toyota’s “Remote Connect” subscription service here.




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  1. I will be trading my Rav 4 in 2022 for this reason. We as customers have already paid the price for the vehicle. Why is Toyota being greedy? Tesla, Ford or GM, who should I go with.

  2. I have a 2020 rave 4 I bought for my kid I will not be buying another toyota the auto start charge is ridiculous

  3. I was never informed about this when I purchased my 2021 rav4 but did complain about the key fob being irratic and not working even when standing within 15 feet trying to start it,I was told this fob works to specs and there’s nothing wrong with it. Two days later after writing a review on better business I see the info popping up all over the internet I now have to pay a subscription fee to start my car well toyota I paid cash for my rav and was about to purchase another toyota 2022 pick this year as well but since changed my mind no body is going to force me to pay a subscription to start my car.not only that I’ve started telling people to stay away from toyota products and me after owning several toyota will never purchase another

  4. Louis Rossman covered this, too, very informative.

    Right to Repair needs to continue to be in the spotlight.. this stuff is bad bad.

    It’ll be good for us in the aftermarket division.. but manufacturers need to learn they can’t pull this nonsense. Vote with your wallet. Toyota doesn’t deserve your business.

  5. I consider this BS. Consumers should give Toyota a rash of shet (sp?) Is this a way to regain lost income due to pandemic, or just greed to get a few dollars more? The caption should read: Toyota: Big Business, Small Potatoes.

  6. Whats the reason for a charge, is this working on a cell service? I dont get the reason for a charge.
    This isnt like a Viper you can start your car at any distance using your smart phone.

    And really why do you need that kind of range?
    I’ve installed 100,000 of remote starts, you know whats on my car? Its a pretty simple system, and works at any distance it just takes 2 feet to operate. I can do this remotely from the comfort of my seat. If I have to lean forward I must have dropped my keys.

  7. I guess this is like in-app purchasing. How about they make a free version that runs advertisements all the time? Works for cell phones.

  8. Hopefully it will cost them dearly in public perception but wight that against the cost of an aftermarket unit with smartphone control.

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