The Top 12V Trade Show

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We conducted a survey this summer asking  industry members which of the major trade shows they prefer to attend.  The most popular trade show, according to respondents, was the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

We received 133 respondents to our survey.

About 96 of the respondents were dealers and the remainder were largely reps, distributors and suppliers.

Of the dealers, about 40 percent said the SEMA Show was their first choice, followed by KnowledgeFest, 30 percent and CES, 29 percent.  Of the 56 dealers that reported their region, approximately 19 were in the Pacific region, 5 were from Mountain states, 17 from Central states and 15 from the East.

If we include reps, distributors and suppliers, or the full 133 respondents, then 49 percent listed SEMA as their number one choice in trade shows followed by CES, with 43 percent and KnowledgeFest, 34 percent.

In the comments offered by industry members, four industry members said they were looking forward to the new KnowledgeFest show to be held for the first time in Los Angeles in February.  (Currently KnowledgeFest trade shows/learning seminar events are held in Dallas and Indianapolis).

On CES, about a half dozen commenters said the show had become too expensive to attend.  Some said it is no longer automotive or car audio oriented.  On the plus side several said CES gives a full picture of consumer electronics with a view of both home and car audio new products.

On SEMA, several mentioned that its advantage is that it is automotive focused show, which ties in with car audio.

One commenter suggested that the MECP,  (Mobile Electronics Certified Professional) program should hold training and testing during CES.

Readers should note that the survey represents only 133 respondents and may not be indicative of the industry as a whole.

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  1. we’re looking forward to a great show this year – thanks for the support! Look for big news relating to the 12 volt market from SEMA.

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