Cadillac Head Unit Takes Car Competition Prize

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It’s rare that a competitor in the upper classes of 12 volt competition takes home a championship trophy on a vehicle using a factory radio.

But Brian Mitchell of Arc Audio did just that and won first place in Ultimate Sound Quality in the IASCA North American Championships (INAC) this weekend.

Mitchell said he knew of only one other upper class competitor to win a national championship while keeping a factory head unit. It was a in Mercedes Benz using an aftermarket Mobridge MOST interface.  In this case, Mitchell competed in a 2016 Cadillac ELR (electric vehicle) keeping the radio and using a new aftermarket NAV-TV M650-GM interface.

“You don’t win world championships with a bad source unit,” said NAV-TV’s Derek Schmiedl.  “In this case, Brian did run 100 percent a factory GM navigation 8-inch radio with a Bose system, but the Bose amp was not utilized. It was in conjunction with our M650-GM that was able to extract a near perfect audio signal.  For us it’s validation; we’ve tried to achieve this for years…”

Mitchell’s Cadillac also took several other awards last weekend during IASCA and MECA finals competitions including second place in MECA’s master category for sound quality and Best of Show Install in the MECA finals.

The car ran the factory radio into the NAV-TV interface and then into an Arc Audio PS8 digital signal processor while retaining all steering wheel and other controls. The system also used Arc Audio Signature Edition amplifiers—two SE4200 four-channel amplifiers and an SE2300 two channel amplifier.  Speakers included an Arc Audio Black series 1.0 tweeter and 4.0 4-inch midranges for the pillars plus a pair of Black 6.0s in the stock door locations.

Here’s a link to the IASCA INAC North American 2018 Championship Winners

And here’s the link to the MECA 2018 Car Audio Championship SQL winners

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  1. Congratulations Brian ! Job well done and to the Arc Audio team ! Hope to hear the car at SEMA ?

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