Car Audio Championships: Motorcycles, HBO

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Motorcycle audio competition is expected to attract many hundreds of competitors this year, as both dB Drag Racing and IASCA, launch their first bike audio events.

IASCA is launching its first motorcycle competition called Motosounds today,  a new format to run through out the 2018 season. IASCA is also working with Indian and Harley-Davidson dealers in Florida to host events at key shows including Bike Week.  And Motosounds will be part of Spring Break Nationals, said IASCA’s Moe Sabourin.

For the first time dB Drag Racing held a motorcycle audio competition during the North American Finals last weekend.  The event, called Bagger Beatz, included classes for bikes with ferrings and without and attracted a small cadre of 7 competitors, but dB Drag Racing expects this mode of competition to see a couple hundred competitors this season.

“We’ve seen a lot of interest in motorcycle audio over the past year to 18 months,” said Celese Harris of the dB Drag Racing Association. “I think we’ll see a bigger surge in the Midwest and South initially and then it will spread. The South is already interested, Harley Davidson is based in the midwest,” she added.

You can read more on motorcycle competition as a growing movement here.

At the North American Championship car audio competition held in Kentucky last weekend by IASCA, dB Drag Racing and MECA, the latter was visited this year by a TV crew from Vice News of HBO.  A segment on the competition is expected to air on HBO tonight at 7:30 pm, said MECA’s Steve Stern. “They loved us,” he said, “It’s exciting for us and the industry.”

All of the competition groups claimed strong turnout this year.

IASCA reported ” some of the highest competitor attendance numbers since becoming part of the Unified Car Audio Championship effort in 2012.”

MECA judged 193 cars and reported the largest turnout to date in its sound quality event, with 90 cars.

db Drag Racing had 166 participants, about the same as last year, but found that the parking lot was filled with about 50 enthusiasts who just came to demo their systems informally.

Click the links for the winners at IASCA and MECA. See below for dB Drag winners.

The individual press announcements from IASCA and dB Drag Racing follow below:

IASCA Triple Crown Winners 2017
IASCA Triple Crown Winners Dan Merritt (right) and Robert Corwin



Car Audio Competition organizations dBDRA (dB Drag Racing Association), MECA (Mobile Electronics Competition Association) and IASCA (International Autosound Challenge Association) once again joined forces to produce a unified finals event at the Kentucky Exposition Center, October 14-15, 2017.

The event overall was once again a great success, with SQ and SPL competitors from across the country.

IASCA saw yet another increase in competitor attendance, achieving some of the highest competitor attendance numbers since becoming part of the Unified Car Audio Championship effort in 2012.

“Every year, IASCA’s competitor attendance continues to grow” said Moe Sabourin, Director of Operations for IASCA Worldwide “We’re already planning for a larger space for 2018, along with MECA and Db Drag once again. Running out of space is a good problem to have and we’re looking forward to making it even better for all competitors next year.”

To view the results of the IASCA North American Championships (INAC) at the Unified Car Audio Championship, go to

For more questions or information regarding the event, please contact Moe Sabourin, Director of Operations.

db Drag Racing

The dB Drag Racing Association wrapped up the 2017 North American Finals over the weekend of October 14-15, 2017. The event was held at 3 locations simultaneously and the competition was linked via the Term-LAB Measurement System and streamed live. Competitors competed in: Concord, California; Spruce Grove, Alberta Canada; and Louisville, Kentucky. The location in Louisville was the main location and was held in conjunction with the Car Audio Championship at the Kentucky Expo Center. The event was a collaborative effort which included the dBDRA, MECA and IASCA.

The dBDRA had strong competitor attendance this year and included 166 participants in the following formats of competition: dB Drag Racing, Bass Race, Top Dog and Psychlone.

Trophies were sponsored by Deaf Bonce and awarded in all divisions of competition in all 3 locations.  In addition to trophies, all First Place Champions will receive a custom championship ring sponsored by Incriminator Audio. The rings are all silver and customized for each competitor with their choice of stone color and ring size.

First Place Champions in each of 4 formats of competition include:

dB Drag Racing

Street Stock 500 – Kevin Ecker

Street Stock 1K – Beer Bass Mafia

Street Stock 2K – Kevin Koller

Street Stock 5K – Clint Buttrum

Street Stock NL – Michael Hughes

Street Trunk 5K – Jade Koller

Super Street No Wall – Team Trelo Loud

Super Street 1-2 – Team Soundcheck

Super Street 3-4 – Team Sundown Audio

Super Street 5+ – Team Nemesis Chris

Super Street X – Steve Mick

Extreme 5K – A.U. Ultimate Decibelle Diva

Extreme NL – Team SSC – Ron


Bass Race

Bass Race 120.0-129.9db – Team Nemesis Robert

Bass Race 130.0-139.9db – Peak Freq Cam

Bass Race 140.0-149.9db – Team Audio Connection CJ

Bass Race 150.0-159.9db – Steve Mick



Kenny Capener


Top Dog

Peak Freq Danny

Many of the dB Drag Racing competitors have been competing for more than a decade. This year was a special year as it was the 20th Annual World Finals competition for the dB Drag Racing Association. We were honored with veteran competitors competing at the event this year. Many of them go back to the early days of competition starting in the mid 90’s. The competitors are considered as extended family members and we are honored and humbled to have them in the lanes for nearly 20 years.

The dB Drag Racing Association also launched its motorcycle audio format, Bagger Beatz during the Louisville event on Saturday. Bagger Beatz is a sound competition format developed exclusively for motorcycles. In a Bagger Beatz competition, contestants compete against one another to see who has the loudest sound system. Each contestant’s score is comprised of two components… “Peak SPL” and “Broadband Peak Average”. The Broadband Peak Average component is new and will ensure that the contestant’s sound system is capable of playing music across the entire musical spectrum. The average of these two components represents the contestant’s overall score. The contestant with the highest overall score wins. The format was well received and we expect to see many more events coming in the near future.

This event was made possible through the hard work, late hours and dedication of our judging staff and assistants. There are not enough words to thank all of the judges however the recognition is most deserving.

The judging staff in Louisville consisted of: Wayne Harris, Yiannis Lekkas, Jeremy Weber, Jereme Creamer, Matt Giese and Chet Holmberg. The lanes, computer support and pre-judging were assisted by Celise Harris, Alex Stroganoff, Cody Allard, Chris Wroebel, Andrew McCain, Amanda Blanchfield and Carmen Booker.

The judging staff in Concord, CA consisted of: Doug Stockton, Andy Teuscher, Jeffrey Fernandez, Kimo and Jim Wright. Computer support was handled by Douglas Stockton.

The judging staff in Spruce Grove, Alberta consisted of: Raymond Choy assisted by James Spencer, Dailen Boot and Dale Everatt. Registration, computer support and photography were handled by, Erin Schild, Stefanie Noseworthy and Tara Beauchamp and Bradley Doucette. Hair trick judging was conducted by Bassgirl.

The event was made possible by the following event sponsors:

Title Sponsor – Deaf Bonce

SPL Arena Sponsor – DD Audio

Show Sponsor – Orion Car Audio

Show Sponsor – Kicker Car Audio

Show Sponsor – XS Power

Show Sponsor – 12 Volt News

Badge Sponsor – Incriminator Audio

T-Shirt Sponsor – Ohio Generator

T-Shirt Sponsor – SounDigital

T-Shirt Sponsor – DC Audio

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