Maestro AR Ships in Limited Quantities

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Maestro AR with PC

Automotive Data Solutions (ADS) is now shipping in limited quantities the Maestro AR interface that allows easier integration of aftermarket amplifiers in complex factory audio systems.

It is the second to ship of a new group of advanced amplifier interfaces that install before the factory amplifier in certain cars.   These before-the-amplifier systems allow the aftermarket to avoid all the digital processing car makers stuff into their factory amplifiers by tapping into the system before the audio signal is distorted.

The new Maestro AR amplifier interface can be flashed via computer to work with select Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram and Ford vehicles using the company’s new Weblink system.  Two wiring T-harnesses are also available for seamless installation (aCH2 or aFO2).

Amplifiers that currently work with the Maestro include the Kenwood XR600-DSP and the Audison Prima AP4.9bit, AP5.9bit and AP8.9bit models. AudioControl is also expected to offer compatible amplifiers and three additional amplifier suppliers are expected announce support for the new Maestro AR.

Also Rockford and ADS will ship this summer a DSP with built-in Maestro AR called the DSR-1, according to Rockford.  Co-developed by Rockford and ADS, it combines a Rockford 3Sixty DSP with the Maestro interface at a suggested retail price of $249.99.

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  1. If they were smart then they would manufacture an interface that takes the non fading signal from the deck, and turns it into an 8 wire high level full range signal for current processors, and current amplifiers. It would be more widely used, and would interface with “ALL” current models of amplifiers.

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