First Before the Amp Module Sells Out

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AmpPRO, the first before-the-amplifier car audio interface for simpler installation, has been in and out of back order.  It began shipping in January.

AmpPRO parent PAC said, “We should be fully stocked within the coming months,” according to Nathan Wincek. “We have received higher than expected customer demand which exceeded initial stocking levels.”

The product is the first of a new group of interfaces that installs before the factory amplifier in complex OEM systems like the Ford-Sony audio systems.  It represents a breakthrough for the aftermarket, which can now avoid all the digital processing car makers stuff into their factory amplifiers by tapping into the system before the audio signal is distorted.

PAC plans to expand the category. It expects to unlock digital signal processing that is already embedded in the AmpPRO interfaces, but is not yet accessible to consumers.  Through an app and a new Bluetooth add-on module to be available later this year, the AmpPRO will work with a smartphone or tablet to allow full digital signal processing capabilities including time alignment, said PAC at Spring KnowledgeFest last week.

Users will also be able to set equalization per channel and active crossovers.

“We have a lot of plans for AmpPRO,” said Wincek.

The company is already adding a fourth vehicle specific kit to work with the AmpPRO.  The AmpPRO currently works with three vehicle-specific kits to tap into the CAN bus of certain cars, allowing you to add an aftermarket amplifier and still control the volume through the car’s radio.

Two Chrysler kits and a Ford kit for Ford-Sony systems are now available and PAC is adding a third Chrysler kit, the AP4-CH31 so that all amplified systems under Chrysler will be covered.   It is also working on kits for Toyota and older Fords (model year 2007 to 2013).  And it plans to add a General Motors kit.

When all of the planned kits ship, the AmpPRO will cover about 80 percent of factory amplified systems, PAC said.

While PAC (an AAMP Global company) is the first company to ship a new “before-the-amplifier” interface, ADS expects to deliver a new Maestro AR before-the-amplifier interface and join with Rockford in delivering a DSR-1 DSP/before-the-amplifier interface.  The products are due this month.  Additionally, Kenwood, AudioControl and Audison have announced they will offer products compatible with the Maestro AR interface.  And several additional companies are expected to announce support for the Maestro AR in the coming months.

Metra is also readying for market a DSP with before-the-amplifier capability.


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