VOXX Announces Long Range Carlink

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VOXX carlink-long-range

VOXX Electronics announced a new remote start transmitter with app control that gives you long range remote start without any monthly fees.

The new Carlink Long Range transmitter  is used in conjunction with VOXX’s current CarLink.

Carlink Long Range extends control over remote start and door lock/unlock to up to 1 mile from the vehicle, again, without monthly service fees.

It uses RF (radio frequency) via a small  transmitter that can attach to the back of your phone or may be placed in a purse or briefcase. When used with the Carlink Smartphone App, a signal is sent from the phone to the RF transmitter via Bluetooth and the transmitter relays that command to the vehicle.  The technology is called LoRa or Long Range RF.

LoRa RF Technology is designed for long range low power applications. The signal is a spread spectrum modulation type, which uses wide-band linear FM pulses.  It is in the ISM band of 915 MHz and follows the IEEE 802.15.4g standard.

VOXX Electronics Senior VP Aron Demers said Carlink Long Range bridges the gap between Carlink BT and the original Carlink that operates on the cellular network (with remote start from a phone from anywhere in the world, but with annual fees).

The Carlink BT Long Range transmitter will sell for about $99 street price.  Carlink BT carries a suggested retail price of $70 and the original Carlink with full cellular service from anywhere sells at $150 plus fees starting at $60/year.

Shipping is planned for the summer.




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