This Blind Spot Detector is Selling Out

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VOXX-ACABSD blind spot detection for any car

VOXX Electronics  is now shipping to dealers its ACABSD blind spot detector.  Demand is outstripping supply so the company is air shipping in product, it said.

The ACABSD is one of the first aftermarket blind spot detectors to use new microwave radar sensors to detect objects in the blind zones, joining the Accele (BSS300R), which launched earlier this year.   By contrast most aftermarket blind spot detectors use ultrasonic sensors, with limited range that were originally used for backup cameras.

The VOXX system carries an $899 suggested retail price while a blind spot option in a new car often costs upwards of $5,000 as it’s bundled with navigation, leather seats or other features.

You can see a short video on the system posted on YouTube by SoundFX, Lewes, DE.

The ACABSD takes about 3 to 4 hours to install.  It involves removing the back bumper, so the sensors can mount behind the bumper, but there’s no drilling into the bumper as in ultrasonic sensors.

The VOXX ACABSD includes LED lights that mount on the A pilar of the car.  They turn orange when something is in the blindspot.  According to  SoundFX, when you link the system to turn signals, users can also get an audible warning.

VOXX says its system lets you set the speed at which blind spot alerts come on, so you can avoid a false alert while at a stop light.  It comes preset for alerts to start at 20 mph but you can set them to start anywhere between 5 and 40 mph.

Microwave radar sensor based systems have a narrower and longer range for fewer false alerts than the earlier ultrasonic sensors, said industry members.


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