OEM Doctor on Blind Spot Detectors

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The type of blind spot detector you choose to carry can mean the difference between lots of returns or lots of profits.

So here’s an overview of what’s out there.

First, a quick definition: ULTRASONIC RADAR vs MICROWAVE RADAR

Ultrasonic Radar (Radio Detection and Ranging) is a radio wave broadcasted signal.  It was originally the only blind spot system option.  It required a mounting of each sensor on the surface of your bumper, just as back up sensors are mounted.

But ultrasonic radar can’t differentiate between true cars in your blind spot or a mail box on the street corner.  That’s because if an ultrasonic radar system is “looking at” an object 100 feet away, it has a signal width of about 20 feet. That’s over 1.5 stories of information!! So false alerts and the constant beep, beep of these products are a big disadvantage.

MICROWAVE uses similar technology to Ultrasonic but it is a much more refined signal and has the ability to narrow the transmission field.  It is the new standard for object detection.  Its signal can pass through most plastic, fiberglass or urethane bumpers and still retain its accuracy. So it can mount behind the bumper for a simpler install.

Also, its accuracy is top notch with a transmission beam width for object detection at 100 feet measuring only about 12 inches wide!  No more light poles or mailboxes interfering with true blind spot detection.

Safety based product demand has soared because car makers are adding more features including microwave sensors.  But they are putting them mainly in expensive trim packages leaving a path open for the aftermarket to sell add-ons to entry level and mid-line vehicles.

In conclusion, if you feel that you have hit a wall in the category of sensors or want to expand your line up, let microwave based blind spot systems give you that much-needed jumpstart.  With the market searching for the next best thing, this is certainly a step in the right direction!   For now, I will continue to keep my EYES OPEN and my SENSORS ON for any other profit generating opportunities out there.



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  1. Accele I think has one, and Audiovox… Voxx just announced theirs, so not shipping yet I don’t think.

  2. Sounds great! Where do you buy the better sensors? So far everything I have found is one model with slight differences from brand to brand but looks like the same sensors brain etc.

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