First of its Kind Aftermarket Blind Spot Detector Debuts

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VOXX Electronics  will ship to dealers in September the first aftermarket blind spot detection system to use reliable radar technology, similar to the technology in factory systems.

Currently most aftermarket blind spot detectors use ultrasonic sensors, which are intended mainly as backup sensors, with limited range

By contrast, radar based blind spot detection has up to a 30 foot range (depending which part of the vehicle you measure from).

Radar is also more accurate. Where an ultrasonic sensor might trigger at a pole on the side of the road, radar based systems have much lower false warnings, said VOXX.

Select dealers are receiving units this month, but the full rollout of the ACABSD blind spot system is slated for September.  Suggested retail price is $899 (without installation).

The VOXX system uses 24GHz radar. It mounts behind the bumper with no drilling required.

It provides selectable speed sensing through the CANBUS of the car.  Installers will be able to select the speed at which the sensor activates through programming.  “We see this as a competitive difference from other aftermarket products,” said VOXX’s Aron Demers.  “We have seen performance issues with systems that are not integrated with the vehicle’s speed.”

The ACABSD system will issue both audible and visual alerts of an object in the blind spot.

The product will carry a 3-year warranty and is expected to be strong in expeditor sales as well as through retailers.

Demers said, “From an aftermarket perspective, it’s as close as you can get to factory installed.  From speaking to our dealers it is the number one asked for aftermarket electronics product at car dealers, he said.

The ACABSD will be on view at KnowledgeFest at the VOXX booth next week in Dallas.




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