12V Best of Innovation Radio Pulled From Aftermarket

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Parrot RNB6 back

It won the Best of Innovation 2015 Award for in-vehicle Audio/Video at CES in January, but the ultra-advanced radio will not be offered in the aftermarket as planned.

Parrot said in a blog recently that its WiFi/CarPlay/Android Auto radio, model RNB6 has been sold instead to several car makers to be offered as factory infotainment systems.

What had intrigued us about the radio was that it was the only one to our knowledge that includes both CarPlay and WiFi, allowing, potentially, the use of wireless CarPlay, which has yet to be implemented by any supplier—OEM or aftermarket.

With wireless CarPlay (available in iOS 9) users don’t have to deal with the hassle of plugging in a phone. (To be clear, Parrot had not announced wireless CarPlay, but its hardware might have permitted it).

Additionally, the Parrot radio, named RNB6, ran on Lollipop, Android 5.0 and included an OBD2 port to link directly to the electronics of the car.

Parrot wrote: “RNB6 project was showcased at CES Las Vegas in January 2015 (watch video below). This infotainment system was selected by several automakers who envision to integrate it in their next-generation car models next year and beyond. As of today there is no plan to sell RNB6 in Aftermarket channels as RNB6 embedded technologies require deep integration with car series and manufacturers.”

Source: Parrot

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  1. boycott parrot. let them sell flying things and bt to the car manf.
    I see a big market-buy a parrot get a fiat.

  2. That is the problem with the vapourware announcements companies make, and organizations and media cheer on (they love new content to write about).

    If it isn’t ready to ship, don’t talk about it. Unless you do it like apple does it, with a specific date and time, and you stick to your promise. So just don’t do it!

    Countless times we have all lost deals, or had clients loose interest because they read or saw the “new great thing” was coming.

    Boo on Parrot for showing this to the aftermarket, getting the press, and then leaving town.

  3. This sucks. We’ve been waiting for this unit all year and now we can’t have it! The Asteroid Smart was a great unit and this should have been even better.

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