Here’s Alpine’s TV Ad for Truck Audio

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Alpine TV ad features Richard Rawlings

As promised, Alpine Electronics released a 30-second cable TV ad for its truck radios. The ads feature a surprise guest star from the Discovery Channel–Richard Rawlings from the Fast N’ Loud (Gas Monkey Garage) cable show.

The ad below is expected to reach almost 4 million viewers in 25 metro markets in the US.

Shot on location in the California High Desert, the ad is appearing on cable channels specializing in sports, reality shows and automotive shows.

It shows pits an Alpine oversized, 9-inch X009-WRA radio/navigation deck against factory navigation. The Alpine deck is shown in a blue, Kevlar-coated Jeep Wrangler made by Starwood Motors of Dallas.

The ad also shows contact information for local Alpine retailers who are supporting the Alpine Restyle program at the end of the commercial.

Source: Alpine Electronics

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  1. Thanks for the comments guys. It feels good to get premium car audio back in the hearts and minds of customers who might not otherwise know what our industry does. Wait until you see the longer in-store version…RR is hilarious!

  2. Thanks Alpine, But……..
    I agree with DK the commercial was hard to follow. The back round story is a distraction, I find my self focusing on trying to figure out the story of the commercial and not what they are selling. With the money they are spending on this I would think they would highlight more of the benefits that the Alpine offers over the stock unit. I think Richard Rawlings should have had a bigger part and made it funnier. He could have poked fun at the guy with the stock unit then showed him what his unit could do. But………… What do I know I am just an Installer!

  3. BRAVO !!! to Alpine. The guy who lamented the idea that consumers unfamiliar with our industry will have to be exposed to this many times before understanding takes place said he was paying close attention… A reminder that the ad will air on cable stations focused on cars and trucks. Many of these consumer/viewers are car and truck enthusiasts. Many of those enthusiasts have hands on experience with their factory nav. Many of those enthusiasts have heard their wives/girlfriends claim “we are lost !”. Many of those enthusiasts will tell their enthusiast friends about the commercial if not watch it with them and identify with the people in the commercial. Its true that it takes alotta impressions for a consumer to remember the event and consumers lose interest in a shorter period of time. That said this commercial WILL HAVE a much better impact on these enthusiast consumers than the other brand commercials I have seen lately.

    Ray Windsor
    Leadership Systems

  4. I was paying attention and I could barely follow what they were getting at.

    Can you imagine a consumer not familiar with our industry grasping exactly what the commercial was for?

    That is going to have to be shown repeatedly to have any impact at all.

    Kudos to alpine for trying…

    1. DK’s right. The side by side dash comparison was the only thing that clearly showed the benefit of the larger 9″ Alpine headunit. The other product in-use shots were too quick, and the ‘lets meet up’ premise was confusing. Was the meet up spot supposed to be in the middle of nowhere? How would that have been found using a POI search?

  5. Thanks Alpine!! Very proud to have our Alpine commercial running in the Tampa Market! Other manufacturers, please take note. THIS is the way we get customers excited about our industry once again!

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