Honda Finally to Get CarPlay, Android Auto

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Honda announced that it will add Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to its upcoming cars starting with the 2016 Honda Accord.

The car maker is also adding a new 7-inch touch screen display for 2016 models, which mounts below the current 7.7 inch touch display, said The Detroit Bureau.

While other car makers are including their own proprietary systems in new cars (in addition to Car Play and Android Auto), Honda is using a version of Android as the basis for its new infotainment systems.

The company is also betting big on driver safety. It’s adding multi-angle backup cameras as standard on all 2016 models. Plus there’s an optional blind spot monitoring system and an optional package with automatic braking for an imminent collision plus lane keeping, collision warning and adaptive cruise control.

Back to CarPlay, aftermarket leaders claim the more car companies jump on the bandwagon, the more advertising for CarPlay and therefore plus business for aftermarket CarPlay radios.

Among the car companies offering CarPlay are General Motors as of this summer (including 2016 Chevy, Buick, and Cadillac models).  GM is also expected to include Android Auto in future months.   Hyundai and Ferrari offer CarPlay. Volkswagen is expected to offer CarPlay and Android Auto soon. For more on the OEM roll out of CarPlay see

Source: The Detroit Bureau, Re/code

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