Walmart’s Car Audio Sales Drop 12.5 Percent: TWICE

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Among the top  car audio retailers, Walmart was one of the biggest losers last year, with sales falling 12.5 percent to $503.1 million, down from $575 million, according to the TWICE Top 25 Car Electronics Retailers Report.

The top 3 car audio giants, Best Buy, Amazon and Walmart together represented $1.84 billion in 12 volt retail sales last year.

Amazon sales were estimated at $582.9 million, down 2.8 percent from last year and Best Buy’s 12 volt sales were estimated at $754.1 million down about 5 percent, according to the report, conducted by The Stevenson Company.

It’s interesting that while many of the big mass merchants saw a decline in sales, many of the car audio specialists posted increases of 2 to 6 percent.

Six years ago, the Big 3 registered at sales of $2.6 billion on the TWICE chart. Best Buy has been the hardest hit in recent years, with sales dropping by half since 2008 from over $1.4 billion. Walmart, back in 2008, had sales of almost $800 million, so it has seen a 37 percent drop since then.
Amazon’s sales, by contrast, have grown by a third since 2008, when they were $393 million.
As always, there is a lot of insight in the TWICE report, which is available for purchase here.

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  1. Makes sense. As more cars that are easy to work on (DIY friendly) head to the junkyard, the mass retailers’ sales will continue to slide.

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