Al & Ed’s Family Launches Anti-Texting While Driving Campaign

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anti texting while driving campaign Grabie

An anti-texting while driving campaign in the Los Angeles area that is winning notice was launched by Margot Grabie, sister to Al & Ed’s franchise owner Joe Shemula.

The campaign has been featured on the local CBS News and in a local paper.

After watching drivers texting while on the highway, Grabie felt compelled to do something about it. One day, she wrote in marker on her back windshield, “My kids ask you to not text and drive.”   The next thing she knew, others were doing the same thing.

Shemula, who owns the Al & Ed’s in Marina Del Ray, CA known as Del Ray Customs, said, ”Now when you are driving around LA you see cars with the anti-texting writing on the back windshield.”

Grabie said “I’m driving, I get thumbs up, I get honks, even people, as I’m parking at the grocery store, say, ‘Do you have a marker?’”

She took her campaign to social media and has received over 150 requests for markers for writing on the windshield.

You can see more about the campaign here

Photo of Margot Grabie via CBS

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