Best of CES Automotive Award from Engadget Goes To…

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Best of CES 2015 Engadget

The Best of CES awards by Engadget included the Best Automotive Technology, which went to the self-driving Mercedes’ F 015 Luxury in Motion concept.

Mercedes' F 015
Mercedes’ F 015 self driving concept car at CES 2015

The car’s gorgeous styling and beautiful interior gave a peek at what an autonomous luxury vehicle might look like in 2030.

As we reported earlier, there’s not a single button in the car but the doors are lined with giant touch panels . Inside are four swivel seats, creating a lounge atmosphere.

You can see more on the car here.

You can see the Best of CES awards by Engadget here.

In other categories, Engadget’s Best Innovation (Disruptive Tech) award went to a technology that lets you wirelessly charge devices from 15 feet away. It’s called WattUp from Energous.

The Best Home Theater product was Sling TV from Dish Network, which also won for “Best of the Best” in all categories. Sling TV basically puts 12 channels on the Internet in a paid subscription ($20/month) for viewing anywhere in the home. Some say it could be a serious blow to cable TV.

Source: Engadget

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  1. self driving cars – photooey. no market except for poodle people who do not have driving skills.
    rareaudio had the innovators award in my book.

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