Drivers Will Pay up to $1,499 for New Auto Technology

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More than 50 percent of drivers are willing to pay almost $1,500 for new technology such as backup cameras, USB charging ports and wireless device charging, according to a Harris Poll commissioned by

The study is more proof that consumers want the products sold by the aftermarket and are willing to pay for them.

Also, the study found that 80 percent of drivers would prefer to use a navigation system built into their car, versus one on their smartphone.

About two in five people said they wished their car had backup sensors and 48 percent wished for in-car WiFi.

Currently, only about 3 percent of drivers have WiFi in the car, but those who do are heavy users. The study found that nearly 2/3rds use it on a typical day.

The study included 1,033 participants who were polled in October, 2014.

You can see more facts from the study here.


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