BMW to Show Smartwatch-Controlled Self-Parking Car at CES

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BMW selfparking

BMW will demonstrate at the CES Show next month a car that parks itself that is controlled by a smartwatch, while you are outside of the car.

The driver activates the parking feature on the smartwatch and stands outside while the car parks itself.  The car uses sensors to recognize structures and obstacles for safe self-parking, and then even locks itself.

You can then can call up your car from the watch and it will drive itself out of the garage.

BMW will demo this feature in a research version of the electric BMW i3 on top of a parking garage.

PCWorld reports that BMW aims to offer this feature by 2020.

Also, the same sensors used for parking, which allow a 360 degree view, can be used in driver safety systems. So if a car approaches a wall or column too quickly, the car will brake automatically.

Source: PCWorld, BMW

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