Sony Turns Eyeglasses Into Smartglasses

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Sony smartglass

Sony announced a new add-on module that turns standard glasses, sunglasses or goggles into smartglasses. The detachable module includes a control board and Bluetooth and WiFi as well as an OLED display.

It attaches to your eyewear to serves up “visual information that adds a level of convenience to your everyday life,” said Sony, which will demo the unit at the CES Show next month with the aim of selling the module in the coming year.

“The module also has potential applications in sports or for work, among other areas, displaying helpful information that supports you in the activity you are engaged in,” said Sony. Users see a small display window that doesn’t obstruct their field of vision.

Because it’s detachable you can use the module when you want and store it when you don’t.

Sony will make the system available to eyeglass makers and other manufacturers to help spur adoption of smartglass products. It will also provide software development kits.

Source: Sony via Engadget

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