Update on Navdy, the Hot Car Device

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Navdy, the upcoming portable heads up display that projects your phone functions onto your windshield, has caused such a stir that 650 retailers and distributors from around the world have contacted the company, seeking to sell the product.

Navdy, you may remember, began offering on pre-order on its web site, the HUD device that works by voice and hand gestures at $299 (to go to $499 once on regular sale in early 2015).

navdy screenThe small device sits on the dash and projects images for calling, navigation and more  onto your windshield.  The images appear to be floating about 6 feet in front of the driver.   It works with a smartphone to deliver texting and tweeting by voice.   And  Siri and Google Voice are all enabled.

You can swipe away a call with a hand gesture or signal with your finger to accept an incoming call.

Since pre-orders began in August, Navdy has passed $3 million in sales.

Regarding selling through retailers, a spokesman said, “At this point the team is focused on delivering an amazing product to its backers. So no definite timeline or partners at this moment.”

We asked if the company has been approached by any car makers or car stereo makers who wish to use its technology.  Navdy said, “We have had several conversations but nothing to speak of yet.”

You can watch a video of the device in action here.

It has a 5.1-inch flip up screen and it connects wirelessly to the car’s OBD2 port, and it links to a smartphone over WiFi and Bluetooth. No professional installation is needed.

It uses a dual core processor running Android 4.4 and it includes an IR camera for gesture control and an accelerometer, e-compass and ambient light sensor.

It supports apps including Google Maps, and any notification that appears on your phone (such as text messages, calendar alerts, Facebook, Twitters, etc).  It also supports Pandora, iTunes, Spotify, Google, Google Now and more.

Source: CEoutlook

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  1. Yes, but you can also expect more devices to come out that will require professional installation for those folks that do not want a big wart sitting on top of their dashboard.

    Pioneer and Kenwood/JVC both dispalyed full color heads up displays at the last few CES shows that would require professional installation. Pioneer already has the product available over in Japan and it mounts in the visor area at the top of the windshield.

  2. More and more cool new devices are in the category of “No professional installation needed”.

    This is great for the consumer and wonderful for the maker of the gizmo. Unfortunately it is terrible for the rest of us.

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