Alpine Sells Headphones Through Apple Stores

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Alpine headphones

As hinted, Alpine announced it has diversified into headphones, selling its first pair through Apple stores starting Tuesday, and online starting Friday, October 17.

At $299, the headphones are accompanied by an iPhone app that uses sound field technology to deliver an “immersive” experience.  The app also lets users customize audio settings, and it automatically groups one’s music into “energy levels,” where a high energy group of songs would be suited for a work out at the gym.

The headphones include a 24-bit stereo audio analog-to-digital/digital-to-analog converter and 2 x 40mm speakers. They use Bluetooth Low Energy for pairing with an iOS device for programming settings.  The Level Play App scans, analyzes, and organizes the listener’s music library into “energy” levels.The rechargeable  Li-ion battery has a 10 hour capacity.   The headphones are available in white or black.

Source: Alpine Electronics

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