High Tech HUD For Everyone Debuts

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Navdy HUD

Navdy is offering a portable heads up display that sits on your dash and that makes easy most of the functions on your smartphone that you want to use in the car.

Plus you control these functions easily by a swipe in the air or by voice for most of the basic functions we want to do in our car,  including texting or tweeting by voice.

The device rests on top of the dash and reflects an image on the windshield that appears to be floating about 6 feet in front of the driver. Navdy connects by WiFi and Bluetooth to a smartphone—iPhone or Android—so you can ask it to “read me texts” or you can tweet out a message using Siri or Google Voice.  You can ask it to play songs and navigate.   It shows turn by turn navigation cues and displays info including current speed, RPM or fuel economy.

navdy screenWhen a call comes in, it shows on the display and you swipe in the air left to answer and right to dismiss a call.

The company claims its built-in noise cancelling allows “clear and consistent” voice recognition.

The device has a 5.1-inch flip up screen and includes WiFi and Bluetooth. It connects to an OBD 2 port.  It is available at navdy.com on pre-order at $299 for 30 days. Standard retail price will be $499.

It uses a dual core processor running Android 4.4 and it includes an IR camera for gesture control and an accelerometer, e-compass and ambient light sensor.

It supports apps including Google Maps, any notification that appears on your phone (such as text messages, calendar alerts, Facebook, Twitters, etc).  It also supports Pandora, iTunes, Spotify, Google, Google Now and more.

It comes with a friction mount for the dash.

We’ve asked about future distribution plans and are awaiting a reply.

For more, see navdy.com.

Source: navdy via Engadget

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