12V Gears Up For Passenger Monitoring

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baby in car

At least two suppliers Audiovox (VOXX) and NAV-TV are offering or working on a new category in driver safety called passenger monitoring systems, which alert the driver if they leave a child in the car.

Deaths of children left by parents in a hot car have been in the news lately, prompting several companies to explore high tech solutions.

VOXX  said it hopes to show one or more prototypes for a passenger monitoring system next month with complete product packages ready by CES in January.

Its solution will emphasize simplicity and will likely include a sensor that mounts on a child seat.  It will not require installation.

VOXX Electronics President Tom Malone said, “The key element of this is it’s got to be affordable, simple and really must be part of any car seats that are sold or aftermarket retrofitted and done in minutes.”

VOXX’s solution will not necessarily link to a smartphone. “There are other ways to do it,” said Malone.  “We’re in concept phase; we have parts being purchased.   It’s very high on our priority list.  Our concern was not to make this too complicated…the consumer’s got to say, ‘I’m one of the people who should do this,’ and most of us wouldn’t say that if you make it a $250 item.  It’s got to be something for every new family; where grandma gives you one.”

NAV-TV also recently introduced the EYERIDE security system that includes passenger monitor as a feature.  It gives you full instant video of anything in the car or in front or in back of the car.  A parent can be notified if there is a pet or child in the car and the temperature climbs above a certain point.

Source: CEoutlook

Photo via kidsandcars.org

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  1. Billy, you are correct in the ridiculous marketing angle, but I can tell you that I had one of these interior cameras facing my children when they were backward facing in the rear seat and it was a valuable tool to see my child without craning my neck. It was especially good at night because of night vision. I could find a fallen pacifier in the dark!

  2. Really?! There’s a business here? People are going to pay money to remind them to look in the back seat for their own kid. If you need this, you shouldn’t have bred.

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