NAV-TV Launches WiFi Video Security

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NAV-TV is extending its product reach into video/WiFi safety/security systems for both consumer and fleet use.

Shipping this month is the new EYERIDE that gives you full instant video of anything in the car or in front or in back of the car.  A parent or fleet manager can view on a smartphone what is happening in or around a car or truck on the road.  A parent can be notified if there is a pet or child in the car and the temperature climbs above a certain point.  A transportation company, shipping expensive merchandise can offer a video view to a customer as it travels across the country.

If someone sees a potential threat around the car, video can be sent to the police.

The system includes cameras, 360GB hard drive and a WiFi connection to the cloud as well GPS tracking and various sensors.

“It is by far the most advanced system available.  I don’t know of any that incorporates all the functionality including the streaming video…and WiFi with unlimited data,” said NAV-TV VP Derek Schmiedl.

EYERIDE was developed jointly by NAV-TV and Florida-based Mitech Technology. It comes in three models; the 200+, 400+ and 800+.  These come with either 2, 4 or 8 cameras as indicated.

The system uses military grade hardware and works from 12 volts to 36 volts so it can be used on heavy machinery, such as a backhoe or combine.  You can set it up to work with FLIR nightvision.

The cameras can be configured in any number of ways to either serve as front vision and rear backup cameras or internal passenger monitoring cameras. All video footage is stored in the local hard drive and the cloud, so it is secure.  The WiFi works automatically with multiple cellular systems and gives you an unlimited plan for $89/month, including data streaming and other services.

Also, through EYERIDE’s WiFi and GPS, a fleet manager of delivery trucks can alert customers when the truck is 10 minutes away from the house.The system can help car audio retailers cater to fleet managers, said NAV-TV.

The system can help car audio retailers cater to fleet managers, said NAV-TV.

Source: CEoutlook

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