MERA Offers Revenew Webinar Next Week

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If you want to get noticed on the  web, and  add more traffic to your Facebook page, MERA, the Mobile Electronics Retailers Association, invites you to a ½ hour webinar on May 10th at noon Pacific/ 3pm Eastern.

Click here to register.

MERARevenew does most of the work of creating a social network campaign for you. It offers the ability to:

  1. BUILD your database with list management and Facebook programs
  2. STAY top of mind with ready-to-go e-newsletters and e-flyers
  3. FILL the pipeline with co-branded lead generating campaigns
  4. EXPAND your reach with referral and relationship marketing

The more suppliers and dealers join the program, the broader and more effective the marketing becomes. Over 200 MERA members have already joined. MERA members receive $100 on their Revenew account to get started! Just go to to sign up for your free account today!

Vance Pflanz, owner of Pflanz Electronics.offered a testimonial: “We have already seen a significant boost in sales directly attributable to the Revenew program and can even measure success with Revenew’s precise tracking programs. “

For more information about this program, dealers should contact MERA’s Marketing Specialist at Revenew, Brian Calhoun | 847-359-9250 x35 | [email protected]

Suppliers should contact Kara Holder | 847.359.9250 x32 | [email protected] |

Kenwood announced a program with Revenew this week.

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  1. Sweet, another webinar in the middle of my day that I won’t be able to see. Not sure why webinars always seem to happen when the retailers they are meant for are open for business.

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