Here’s Pioneer’s AppRadio 2 Internet Ad

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Pioneer has posted a 90-second video ad for its AppRadio 2 car deck as part of an Internet campaign.

The ad falls under Pioneer’s “Go Where Your Apps Take You,” marketing campaign for the AppRadio 2 car deck at $499,which mimics many iPhone and Android apps and functions on its 7-inch multi-touch screen.

Pioneer has purchased banner ads on Pandora’s web site and mobile apps that will run from April 23-May23. When a user clicks on the banner, he may see the video ad. The ad is also posted on Pioneer’s web site, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter pages.

You can see the ad below.

The ad was created by Frequent Flyer Productions, which also produced Pioneer’s “Barry’s Bus” ad and new “MIXTRAX commercial.”

Source: Pioneer Electronics

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  1. WOW:
    If I were a consumer looking at this ad, I would be totally lost as to what they were trying to convey or sell to me. Pioneer would have done better to take the money spent on every aspect of this ad and give it to their specialst retailers as a rebate/gift – whatever. We certainly could sell the product better for them than this ad will ever do.

  2. They should have shown the INRIX Traffic App’s feature that lets you see traffic info. hours in advance to help people better plan the timing of their weekend and summer getaway departures. It’s a life-saver.

  3. what the **** are you thinking? some ad people looking for work soon.
    lets just give away product on amazon.


  4. I like it!

    We are competing for discretionary dollars with Video Games and Smart Phones, do you really think we will win with more shots of 12V hardware?

    Good job Pioneer (and Ad Agency), lets try to stay positive for those who are at least trying.

  5. That is the most HORRIBLE ad for a media/app radio, let alone ANY radio I’ve ever seen.

    Dear Pioneer:

    Fire your ad agency, and get some people with a clue about the products you sell, and who the potential clients might be, that want to buy these new and innovative products. I saw about a total of 19 seconds of the radio and app mode, and 1 minute 16 seconds of young lovers frolicking in various places.

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