Car Device to Change OEM Electronics

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Autonet Mobile announced that Bosch will manufacture its new OEM  black box that may change the way car makers offer features.

Autonet Mobile TCUThe box is  IP-addressable so it can send different feature offerings to different cars.  All the auto maker need to is install a single telematics black box in each car and then allow users to subscribe to the features he wants.

Features include remote-start, teen tracking, in-car WiFi, vehicle location, and car diagnostics.  It turns hardware features into software features that create revenue streams for the automaker, said Autonet Mobile.

“In the future, the platform has been designed to handle pay-as-you-drive insurance and collecting parking fees and tolls.  So there’s a lot of intelligence in the system to allow it to communicate with other systems,” said Autonet Mobile CEO Sterling Pratz.

The unit, called the Autonet IP TCU (telematics control unit) connects directly into the car’s CAN bus. Then it connects the car to a high speed mobile network to permit cloud computing as well as mobile apps.

It works with all car platforms and it works with all phone carriers. In the future, it may permit apps such as Facebook and Twitter.  Pratz sees the system as a ‘Ford Sync’ for every car.

An OBD II plug-in version of the unit is planned  that may be sold as an option at car dealers.

Initially, the user interface for the device will be a mobile phone or key fob.  In a second phase, it will integrate with the head unit.

Autonet says a major car maker will announce the inclusion of the Autonet/Bosch device in July for its 2013 model year vehicles.

Autonet Mobile calls itself the world’s first in-car Internet service provider. It makes OEM and aftermarket WiFi hotspots for the car and has OEM partnerships with auto makers including  Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep (known as Uconnect Web), Volkswagen, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz and Subaru.

The Bosch Group posted sales of almost $10 billion in fiscal 2011 through automotive equipment as well as power tools, healthcare telemedicine and many other industries.

Source: Autonet Mobile

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