Car Audio Dealer Up By $1 Million

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Austin, TX-based 16-store Custom Sounds said the car audio chain boosted sales by $1 million last year, mainly by improving the way calls to the store are handled by salespeople.

The chain expects to see another $1 to $1.5 million bump this year.   Its 2011 sales amounted to $13.2 million, up from $12.2 million in 2010.

Custom Sounds“We’re improving two things,” says President Mike Cofield.  “..our conversion rate from the phone call to customers entering  the door and the customer experience in the stores.”

For training, the store shows hundreds of video clips to salesmen and then it conducts role playing demos.  It illustrates how easily a customer is lost when salespeople deviate from the procedures.

Prior to the training, a salesman on the phone “might give a one word answer or misquote a price.” Now salesmen “give more information so the customer gets the information he’s really looking for in less time.” Also customers are formally invited to come into the store.

Separately,and unrelated to Mike Cofield and the MESA buying group which he heads as President, the In-Car Experts Buying Group also focuses on phone sales training through a mystery shopper contest.

Source: CEoutlook

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  1. @Dave. I think they were using ICE as a second reference. I wouldn’t call the ICE system training though. All they are doing is mystery shopping on the phone to see if the salesperson asks all the questions they have on a list, which isn’t that many. Training to me is what Mike is doing. I\’d like to know if Mike had these videos produced or would he be willing to share where he got these videos.

  2. In Car Experts buying group?? I think they made a big mistake there.. They might want to fix that.

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