Black Friday in Car Audio Sneak Peak

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Black Friday deals in car audio this year will see a bargain CD-less head unit as low as $29, as suppliers discount low end or close out merchandise.

Christmas SaleYou can also expect to see aggressive deals on cheap CD players, AV receivers, portable GPS and some “deck + 2 speaker” bundles.

We are told to expect close outs on in-dash CD receivers at $49. Last year, the basement price was typically $59.

Multi-media or AV in-dash receivers should start at $149 instead of the everyday MAP price of $299.

Also, expect portable GPS models as low as $49. “PNDs are going to get nutty at $49 from off brands,” noted one supplier.

Car audio amps and speakers typically hold the line on price during the holidays but you can expect the usual “deck + 2” bundles on special, said suppliers.

One vendor will offer low end marine deck + 2 packs at $79 and $99 instead of the typical street prices of $129 and $149, respectively.

Some of the big box stores including Walmart and Best Buy are already giving previews on select Black Friday specials.

Walmart sale items include:

• Magellan 4.7″ GPS – $69
• 8GB iPod Touch – $195
• Buy any smartphone*** with a contract and get a $100 Walmart gift card

This year, we can also expect a greater emphasis on Cyber Monday as online commerce is expected to take an increasing share of holiday retail sales.

For the specialist, it’s more important than ever to focus on email blasts to your customer lists!

Source: CEoutlook

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  1. Everyone that empathizes with the manufacturer surely cant have been in this profession very long. Most manufacturers have sold the independents down the river a longtime ago. This has caused the race to zero. Corps don’t place any value in car audio or its true value therefore driving the consumer perception of it in the toilet. Why are doctors and lawyers and many other “professionals” not held accountable for serious, sometimes fatal errors, but god forbid if that $89 CD player I sold to Joe Blow fails! Consumer perception and degradation of it. Welcome to car audio at its worst. Thanks sell-outs! Glad we could be of service and get you to he point where car manufacturers give you the time of day now only to turn on us. Don’t forget once they perfect every aftermarket aspect that you helped with, you will also be out of a job. Btw, I have been in CA for 21 years.

  2. If this is a race. We are at the finish line. Amy Gilroy you keep writing these articles about nothing new. To what end? Us the small independent retailer. Does CE Outlook truly see whats going on? NO! Write articles about.

    1 How manufactures are out of touch with the Independent Retailer?
    2 How price erosion is destroying CE as we know it?
    3 How Ce Outlook can focus attention on helping to drive customers to small retailers instead of the internet or big box stores?

    WAKE UP!

  3. As these manufactures continue to drop price the independent retailer can sell enough product to make the profits to keep his door open. We will then have fewer choice on where to purcahse products and the manufactures can only blame themselfs when they dont have enough store fronts to sell thier products

  4. Again it’s a race to who can loose all thier profit margin first. The prices we see on Black Friday typically has become the price of those same products within the next 12 months. The electronic industry has always been the first industry to give up their product’s profit margins. These days I would hate to be an electronic manufacture that had to cover their Research and Develpoment cost.

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