Pioneer AppRadio Gets $50 Rebate, Updates, More Apps, iOS5

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Pioneer launched a $50 mail-in rebate on its new tech AppRadio that uses an iPhone to provide much of the radio’s functions.

Pioneer AppRadioIn addition, the company has provided an update for that radio so that it now shifts between apps without the user having to go back to the iPhone itself—a key complaint by some of the AppRadio’s press reviews.

The update also speeds up the screen response time, gives the radio iOS5 compatibility and permits it to work with 3 new apps.

Additionally, the screen now has  more  pinch and zoom capability on Google Maps.

The new apps include a driving statistics app, an Internet radio app, and a “Mood” Internet radio app that lets you search for music by mood.

The $50  rebate program runs through December 31.

New apps include:

  • DashCommand (Version 2.9.0): Utilizing the built-in GPS and accelerometer sensors of the iPhone, DashCommand displays advanced vehicle and driving statistics.  When connected to a compatible vehicle’s OBD-II data port (optional OBD-II interface sold separately), advanced data monitoring, logging and analysis are enabled.  Users can create and display up to 27 virtual dashboards with many styles including digital gauges, analog gauges, indicator lights, and more, which can all be accessed on the AppRadio screen.  Compatible with more than 13 OBD-II compliant interfaces, the app can also be used as a scan tool to read vehicle trouble codes.


  • StreamS HiFi  (Version 5.1.1): Using the StreamS Internet radio directory, the Streams HiFi app provides access to more than 4,000 live Internet radio stations from across the globe delivered in AAC/HE-AACv1/HE-AACv2 at 32kbps for high fidelity listening.


  • AUPEO! Personal Radio (Version 2.36): With more than 120 Internet radio stations available, users can search for their favorite music by artists, songs or AUPEO!’s “Mood-Tuner.”  Users can also choose to “love” or “ban” songs directly from the AppRadio screen, enabling the app to adjust content to the user’s personal taste.

Source: Pioneer Electronics


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  1. Its nice that Pioneer is addressing some of the hideous complaints about this system. I still don’t understand why they are padding 3 more useless apps into it though. Why do I want a speedometer on my radio? The one in the dash behind the steering wheel seems to work just fine. Stream S HiFi and AUPEO? They do know that iHeartRadio and Pandora already do that 1000 times better for free right?

    Maybe the next update will support the Zune, or include an app that lets you browse all of IKEA’s furniture assembly instructions.

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