ADS Combines Remote Start and Bypass into One Product

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Automotive Data Solutions (ADS) will ship in Q2 next year what it calls the first remote starter with a built-in bypass module, so it cuts installation time in half, said the company.

The iDataStart remote starter, which won a 2012 Innovation Award, also gives you smartphone control over the car.

ADS iDataStart The module is compatible with just about every car, including import cars that usually do not work with an aftermarket remote starter, said ADS.

The iDataStart also connects to the car’s CAN bus and then delivers information to your phone.  Users can see info on tire pressure, fuel level and “door open” on their smartphone screen.

iDataStart also serves as an event recorder similar to the “black box” in an airplane.  Users can request downloads of past events on a pay-per service basis to see where the car was located at a certain time.   The device stores up to 6 months of vehicle tracking data at a time.

For road warriors iDataStart lets you hit a button to set separate mileage tracking for work trips, which you may then total up at the end of the month for your records.

iDataStart is programmable (via a USB PC connection) to match almost 3,000 vehicles and it may be paired to aftermarket remote transmitter kits.

At launch ADS will offer an all-in-one remote start package for late model BMW and Mercedes-Benz vehicles, which unlike most other vehicles require special kits.  It will include the first-ever solution to remote start BMWs without placing an exisiting key somewhere in the vehicle.

Pricing to be announced.

Source: ADS

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  1. This unit sounds awesome, we cant wait, Viper is so far behind the times lately, they haven’t changed their alarm systems in years, terrible remotes and pricing, so focused on pushing there smart start on us which are slow and doesn’t have the features of other units. We have slowly been making a switch from that brand, I started with DEI 15 years ago, but that company seems to think they are to high and mighty lately.

    Thanks for posting this article, its nice to see companies in my business progressing in stead of shoving.

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