OnStar FMV Gets $100 Instant Rebate

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OnStar’s new retail mirror, the FMV, is now $100 cheaper through an instant rebate that brings the price of the unit to $199.

The promotion began Monday, only 2-months since the mirror first entered retail stores, and will run through October 31.

OnStar FMVIf anyone purchased their FMV up to a week before the promotion launched or between Sept. 12-18, they will also get the $100 rebate, said OnStar.

Crutchfield and Al & Ed’s Autosound web sites already show the new $199 promotional price. Bestbuy.com is selling the mirror at $279.99 with installation, down from $379.99.

“The rebate is part of our overall promotional plan for FMV heading into the holiday season,” said an OnStar spokesman.

Source: CEoutlook

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  1. Got one for a 2006 Solstice at full price on 9-1-11 and then a $75 mail in rebate came out a week later. Submitted paperwork and now a $100 INSTANT rebate.

    Overall very satified with the FMV. I really use Onstar in my truck and this added to my abilities in the Solstice that did not come with Onstar originally.

    Guess they are not selling well.

  2. It is what it is. It works great in our Honda CRV, which had a plain rear veiw mirror with no attachments. The FMV was an easy install and gives my wife a little piece of mind. We hit the button every now and then just to make sure everything is still in working order. I think the monthly service should be priced a bit lower at around $9.95, though.

  3. We have had a link up on our website for 6 months and have not gotten one inquiry or call. We were promised a display for signing up as a dealer. We never got it. When we asked where it was, the story changed to we had to buy 6 units to get the display. Needless to say we will not be buying 6 units. Looks like someone may be out a job. Epic failure!

  4. We had still been considering these for dealership work. Does anyone have a success story to share?

  5. This just makes me laugh. I told these jacka$$es that this wouldnt work when they approached me to sell them. I told them there were too many compatibilty issues. Got a ford with a compass…..out, got a german car….out, got factory bluetooth…out, got homelink in your mirror…out, auto dimming and dont want to replace it with a manual mirror….out, and on and on and on. They didnt listen. The only viable demographic is older people or families in cheapo cars and there worried abiout keeping the lights on not buying a ugly, clunky mirror

  6. Maybe Installer Net will buy them all….
    GM had trouble getting re-ups from their own installed at factory units….
    It’s truly amazing…when was the last time the OEMs introduced an electronic product that was successful in the real world…anything good always came from us….then they pushed us out of the biz….
    It’s pitiful that anyone supported this idea from them in the first place….if you own inventory and they don’t give price protection (rebate is the first form of price reduction) send them to Obama…

  7. I guess it’s a huge success, NOT!
    This was incredibly predictable from the rather ho hum and weak launch at CES. Choosing a dysfunctional 12 volt retailer such as Best Buy, who has more immediate problems to deal with, as your only retailer fulfilled the prophecy. Wonder who’s going to take the hit on all that useless inventory or major price markdown. I see it as a major writeoff, because unlike most CE items that eventually find the right price to move, this one has the added albatross of $30 per month charges to the end user.

  8. Are people actually buying these? Ive never used my OEM unit. I would be interested in selling if they are actually selling.

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