OnStar Mirror at Best Buy July 24

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Best Buy announced that its OnStar FMV retail mirror will go on sale starting July 24 at $299.99 plus $75 for installation.

OnStar goes on sale at Best Buy July 24As we reported earlier this month, the FMV mirror, which brings OnStar capability to non-GM vehicles including  Fords, Toyotas, and Chryslers for the first time, went on sale at certain retailers July 10. It’s listed on Al & Ed’s Autosound’s web site as well as Crutchfield.com at $299.99. It goes on sale on Tuesday at Car Toys.com.

OnStar also recently joined the $114 million MESA car stereo buying/marketing group as a vendor partner.

The FMV mirror’s key features are:
• Automatic Crash Response: The mirror determines that you’ve been in a crash and alerts a call in center. It uses GPS to send for help even if you don’t respond. A crash is detected through the mirror’s accelerometer plus algorithms
• Turn-by-Turn Navigation
• Emergency Services: Press a button to speak to the call center
• Stolen Vehicle Tracking: When you report your car stolen, OnStar provides real time tracking via GPS of the car to help authorities locate it.
Roadside Assistance
• Door Unlock (via Locksmith)
• Handsfree calling without your cellphone
• Bluetooth handsfree calling via cellphone
OnStar service fees start at $18.95 a month or $199 a year.

Source: Best Buy

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