Chrysler Uconnect v Ford Sync Comparison

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Strategy Analytics recently studied the Chrysler Uconnect radio system and offered some comparisons with the MyFord Touch/Sync radio.

Chrysler Uconnect
Chrysler Uconnect radio interface

Analyst Chris Schreiner said that Chrysler one-ups Ford on the touch screen display’s ease of use but Ford has better voice control.

“[For] ease of accessing features using the touchscreen, Uconnect is better than MyFord Touch. However, MyFord Touch is a much better voice system, mostly because you can use voice for pretty much everything. The voice interface is much too limited in Uconnect, and not available for the functions for which it is most needed…” said Schreiner.

Users of the Uconnect were generally impressed with the ease of locating and accessing phone, radio, navigation and Sirius TravelLink features. And they liked TravelLink, the study found.

But the voice interface fell short as it did not provide control over navigation or points of interest or music on the 2011 Dodge Journey with an integrated Garmin navigation system.

“Uconnect must introduce this capability in order for consumers to be able to safely interact with music and navigation features while driving,” said Strategy Analytics’ Kevin Nolan. “Voice interfaces are particularly important for these types of complex tasks.”

The new report is called Chrysler Uconnect Makes Feature Discoverability Simple.

Source: Strategy Analytics

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1 Comment

  1. I’m sure ANYHTING with A 79-year-old interface is easier to use than today’s more modern technology. What, there are like 12 things you can do with a Uconnect Touchscreen, versus the 60 things you can do with a SYNC touchscreen?

    That’s like comparing a Nintendo 64 with an XBOX360, yes the Nintendo 64 is WAY easier to use, and doesn’t require batteries!

    Again, we need to STOP promoting and headlining people that have no clue about the forward technologies we sell and employ, especially by those that are too old to care about new technologies, or those that require them to learn and try something that is foreign to them.

    I wonder what these geniuses said about the possibility of texting from a cellular phone 15 years ago?? Probably “More clumsier than typing or writing a letter, it will never catch on…it’s too hard to type with only 8 keys for the 26-letter alphabet.”

    The Ford SYNC/MyTouch systems are where the future is heading, they are innovative and what our aftermarket contemporaries are aspiring to be like in their new designs. Even if you aren’t crazy about their vehicles, I challenge anyone reading this forum to drive any SYNC/Touchscreen equipped Ford vehicle in the past 3 years for a week, and then tell me it wasn’t a really well thought out platform.

    Then go drive any 2002-2011 Chrysler product with touchscreen navigation and Uconnect. You will feel teased into coming out of the dark ages, by something that is so horribly useless in it’s archaic design and function, that you will crawl away from the vehicle feeling violated for all of the frustrating time you spent in it, trying to do even the most “basic” functions that you deem a modern car Bluetooth/media interface should have…

    Again, this kind of pointless, useless drivel from 3rd party analysts really does nothing to “inform” us of 12-volt products or market trends. Stop wasting email space in newsletters with outside of the industry crap. I get better feedback from my dealers and customers in this business, whom actually use the products, and tell me of their best features, and shortcomings.

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