Coastal Car Kit Streams Apps to Car Radios

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Coastal Electronics announced new Lockpick interfaces that “unlock” the car radio screen to display audio, video and mobile apps from an Apple iPod, iPhone or iPad.

Coastal Lockpick 360 streams apps to car radioThe new updated Lockpick 360 series kits work in the Corvette as well as Honda, Acura and Ford vehicles and are the first kits to offer all iPod/iPhone/iPad functions in conjunction with many of these car models, said Coastal.

Users can stream apps such as Pandora, iHeartRadio and Netflix through the Lockpick 360 for Internet radio and movies viewable directly on the radio screen.

The kit also provides dual camera inputs (front and rear) and Aux A/V inputs plus iPod Out graphics. Other new features include on-screen display menus, iPod docking and charging,  and headrest A/V outputs for independent rear seat viewing.

The Lockpick 360 is fully remote control operated and does not use FM modulators. Estimated retail price is $349.

Compatible vehicles include:

2006-2011 Corvette.

2010-2011 Accord Crosstour, 2009-2011 Accord Coupe, 2009-2011 Accord Sedan, 2009-2011 Accord Coupe, 2010-2011 FCX CLARITY, 2010-2011 Pilot.

2010-2011 Acura RL, 2010-2011TL, 2010-2011TSX, 2010-2011MDX and 2010-2011 RDX. Also the 2004-2008 MDX, 2004-2008 TL, 2004-2005 RL, 2004-2008 TSX, 2004-2007 CL, 2005-2007 Accord, 2005-2010 Odyssey, 2006-2010 Ridgeline, 2007-2008 CRV.

2005-2008 Ford models with non-hard drive radios.

Source: Coastal Electronics

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