OnStar Highlights Best Buy in Ad Campaign

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General Motors’ OnStar is launching on August 1, a TV ad campaign for its new rear view mirror that allows almost any car to work with the OnStar service.

OnStar campaign begins August 1The ads will include the message of “everything you need in a box” and the ads will show people coming into a Best Buy store to pick up the new retail mirror, which just went on sale during the past two weeks.

OnStar confirmed: “The campaign will focus on the box and will begin on August 1….Best Buy will be central to the message as well.”

GM’s VP of business extensions Greg Ross told Marketing Daily OnStar’s ads will include cable and network TV spots and an Internet campaign including marketing on Facebook where OnStar has 280,000 fans.

He added, that while OnStar knows a lot about assisting drivers, it doesn’t know that much about selling at retail.  “So a partner like Best Buy helps a lot in things we might not have even thought about, like how to present OnStar at retail, and even what the box itself should look like.”

Best Buy had a private sale for the mirror last Sunday for its Reward Zone members in several hundred stores around the country.

Source: MediaPost, CEoutlook

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  1. I’m sure that all of the Best Buy folks have completed the required webinar traing and are experts on the product. I’ll be sure to call right away to stock up on these for all of the customers who will know that professional installation will be requried since the message is everything they need is all in the box. Maybe it plugs into the lighter and sits on the dash.

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